A look at some of the events in the bible where jesus performed miracles

I used to be a follower of Christ. I was wondering is there any PROOF outside of the Bible that proves the miracles that he performed including him coming back from the dead? I would like the sources that where written by non-believers at that time period if this is all possible with you.

A look at some of the events in the bible where jesus performed miracles

Share Shares The Bible is full of tales of amazing miracles — both the old and the new testaments have them. Most Westerners are familiar with these miracles — whether they have had a religious upbringing or not.

This list looks at ten of the more amazing miracles described in the Bible. The priests have to go through a whole litany of just the right stuff to say, in order to irritate the demon until it leaves.

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It can take months. Not if you have faith, of which Jesus had quite a lot. They beg to enter a nearby herd of pigs, and Jesus permits this. The herd goes insane and swarms off a hillside into the sea, all drowning.

The most awesome part is that the demon-possessed man is described as running wild in the hills, screaming madly, breaking the chains with which people tried to bind him, cutting himself with stones. The confrontation with Jesus would definitely be a must-see.

The interesting part is that the first plague is blood. The Nile runs red, and all the fish die. This could have been red toxic algae red tideor a volcanic eruption depositing red-colored earth and silt into the water.

Once the fish die, the frogs, leaving the dirty water, would die on land. Then the flies would increase terribly to feed on the frog carcasses. Then the livestock would die from fly-bites anthrax, malaria, etc.

The Miracles of Jesus with corresponding Scripture.

Anthrax transmits from cattle to human in the form of boils and sores. Then fiery hail, perhaps from the volcano eruption. Then locusts descend to feast on whatever crops are left after the hailstorm destroys them.

Then darkness, perhaps via eclipse or the locusts themselves. The death of the firstborn is not easy to explain, but the oldest child of a family, at that time, was given first choice of food, which by then, would certainly all have been diseased.

A look at some of the events in the bible where jesus performed miracles

Or it could have been completely supernatural. Either way, it would have been a great show. Jesus seems to be showing off.Some people of other religions believe that this type of unexplained phenomena is the work of demons.

Here are 10 controversial religious miracles and mysteries that have continued to interest people from all over world.

You be the judge.

A look at some of the events in the bible where jesus performed miracles

The Shroud of Turin is claimed to be the cloth that Jesus Christ was buried in. The linen cloth has a.

Here are 4 miracles performed by Jesus that do just that. 4 amazing miracles of Jesus in the Bible.

Why Don’t We See Miracles Like the Apostles Did?

By. Pastor Duke Taber-May 8, Share. Tweet. Pin. 0 Shares. Miracles Performed By Jesus. So come with me if you will and let’s take a look at four fantastic miracles performed by Jesus.

When Jesus performed signs, even his enemies did not deny the effect of such; they merely attempted to attribute his power to some other source (e.g., Satan; cf.

Matthew ). The leaders of the Jewish community did not doubt that Peter and John had performed a notable miracle when they healed the lame man at the temple; rather, they sought. description and definition, plus list of miracles in the Bible (with hyperlinked references), and links to our other articles on miracles and relevant issues “Miracles are not possible,” some claim.

Is this true? Answer; Miracles surrounding Jesus Christ or His appointed apostles; FULFILLED MESSIANIC PROPHECIES (numerous—also see. These two miracles are really astonishing, and they are very representative of the Lord Jesus’ miracles in the Age of Grace. First, let’s take a look at the first passage: Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand.

This morning we’ll take a closer look at his miracles. Here are some highlights On one level, Jesus performed miracles to meet specific people’s physical needs. But they were also far more than that.

They were “signs”.

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