An analysis and a comparison of oedipus by sophocles and hamlet by william shakespeare

Greek tragedy Athenian tragedy—the oldest surviving form of tragedy—is a type of dance -drama that formed an important part of the theatrical culture of the city-state.

An analysis and a comparison of oedipus by sophocles and hamlet by william shakespeare

An analysis and a comparison of oedipus by sophocles and hamlet by william shakespeare

Scholia to the Alexandra 12th century Troilus' death was also described in the Cypriaone of the parts of the Epic Cycle that is no longer extant. The poem covered the events preceding the Trojan War and the first part of the war itself up to the events of the Iliad.

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Although the Cypria does not survive, most of an ancient summary of the contents, thought to be by Eutychius Proclusremains. Fragment 1 mentions that Achilles killed Troilus, but provides no more detail.

Of the esteemed Nine lyric poets of the archaic and classical periods, Stesichorus may have referred to Troilus' story in his Iliupersis and Ibycus may have written in detail about the character. With the exception of these authors, no other pre- Hellenistic written source is known to have considered Troilus at any length.

What does survive can be in the form of papyrus fragments, plot summaries by later authors or quotations by other authors.

In many cases these are just odd words in lexicons or grammar books with an attribution to the original author.

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Troilus is described in the poem as godlike and is killed outside Troy. From the scholia, he is clearly a boy. The scholia also refer to a sister, someone "watching out" and a murder in the sanctuary of Thymbrian Apollo.

While acknowledging that these details may have been reports of other later sources, Sommerstein thinks it probable that Ibycus told the full ambush story and is thus the earliest identifiable source for it.

This speaks of "the light of love glowing on his reddening cheeks". Even so, only 54 words have been identified as coming from the play.

Fragment indicates that Troilus was going to a spring with a companion to fetch water or to water his horses. Fragment indicates that Achilles mutilated Troilus' corpse by a method known as maschalismos. This involved preventing the ghost of a murder victim from returning to haunt their killer by cutting off the corpse's extremities and stringing them under its armpits.

Sommerstein argues that Troilus is accompanied on his fateful journey to his death, not by Polyxena, but by his tutor, a eunuch Greek slave. Sommerstein also sees this as solving what he considers the need for an explanation of Achilles' treatment of Troilus' corpse, the latter being assumed to have insulted Achilles in the process of warning him off Polyxena.

The poem consists of the obscure prophetic ravings of Cassandra: When he refuses to come out, Achilles goes in and kills him on the altar. The reference to Troilus as a "lion whelp" hints at his having the potential to be a great hero, but there is no explicit reference to a prophecy linking the possibility of Troilus reaching adulthood and Troy then surviving.

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Other written sources[ edit ] No other extended passage about Troilus exists from before the Augustan Age by which time other versions of the character's story have emerged. The remaining sources compatible with the standard myth are considered below by theme.

Athena directing Achilles to attack Troilus. A feature of the tale not available from written sources. An example of Troilus with only one horse. Reverse side of above Parentage The Apollodorus responsible for the Library lists Troilus last of Priam and Hecuba's sons — a detail adopted in the later tradition — but then adds that it is said that the boy was fathered by Apollo.

Troilus then dies in the Greek's embrace. Robert Graves [46] interprets this as evidence of the vigour of Achilles' love-making but Timothy Gantz [47] considers that the "how or why" of Servius' version of Troilus' death is unclear. He speculates that the ambush at the well and the sacrifice in the temple could be two different versions of the story or, alternatively, that Achilles takes Troilus to the temple to sacrifice him as an insult to Apollo.

Horace, [39] Callimachus [55] and Cicero [56] all refer to Troilus in this way.The major goal of this paper is to conduct a comparative analysis of the tragedy in Sophocles’ Oedipus the King and Shakespeare’s Othello, using Aristotle’s notion of tragedy.

ARISTOTLE’S NOTION OF TRAGEDY. "One impulse from a vernal wood May teach you more of man, Of moral evil and of good, Than all the sages can." — William Wordsworth, for team Romanticism.

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An analysis and a comparison of oedipus by sophocles and hamlet by william shakespeare

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