Birth control controversy

Planning Ahead or Playing God? For some Christian couples this is a difficult question to answer. The issue of birth control is a controversial one for many Christians.

Birth control controversy

J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med. They are less likely to develop anaphylaxis since their immune system is weaker than older infants and children.


There are only a few reports of side effects after vitamin K injection in neonates although prophylaxis against hemorrhagic disease of the newborn with this drug has been in routine practice in all over the world for many years.

We herein report a case of anaphylactic shock developing after the intramuscular administration of vitamin K1 in a newborn. To our knowledge, this patient is the first case of neonatal anaphylactic shock developing due to intramuscular administration of vitamin K1. We suggest the clinicians should be aware of this possibility of potentially fatal adverse effect occurring with intramuscular administration of vitamin K1.

Epub Mar Nicolau syndrome NSalso known as livedo-like dermatitis or embolia cutis medicamentosa, is a very rare complication of intramuscular and intraarticular injection of various drugs. We herein report a case of NS developing approximately 2 h after the intramuscular administration of vitamin K1 in an extremely low birth weight premature newborn.

To our knowledge, this patient is the youngest case suffering from such a livedoid skin necrosis and the first case of neonatal NS developing due to intramuscular administration of vitamin K1.

We report the case of a 6-week-old female who presented an intracranial hemorrhage due to late vitamin K deficiency bleeding VKDB.

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No other evident bleeding sites were present at the moment of diagnosis. Intramuscular vitamin K 1 mg was administered at birth. She was exclusively breast-fed.

No other risk factors for VKDB were detected.

No controversy: 5 fantastic arguments for better birth control access

Low levels of vitamin K-dependent coagulation factors and their normalization after vitamin K administration confirmed the diagnosis of late VKDB. The present case suggests potential risks related to a single dose of intramuscular vitamin K at birth.

It is an iatrogenic condition, meaning that it is caused by medical care: Instead of simply accepting that nature goofed about clotting factors in newborns, I thought about all the ways that interventions at birth interfere with the normal physiological birth process regarding clotting.

As someone who does Newborn Screening heelsticks on newborns whose umbilical cords were not cut prematurely and some of whom did not receive supplemental vitamin KI can tell you that they have no trouble clotting normally.

This solves the problem of early-onset or classical HDN. Women who eat lots of fresh, leafy green vegetables will pass the vitamin K through to their babies, and this will protect them from late-onset HDN.

Oral Contraceptive Controversy

So, maybe nature got it right, after all, and all we have to do is support physiological health by waiting at least 5 minutes after the birth to cut the cord and by encouraging nursing mothers to eat lots of fresh, leafy green vegetables or take a vitamin K supplement.The Women’s March called the statement an “emergency, all-hands-on-deck moment for women” and said that “now we know he thinks birth control is abortion.”.

Are You On the Pill? It was early in my actualization as a righteous, post-adolescent that I began to think of birth control as a woman’s right.

Could Your Birth Control Be Masking Fertility Issues? By Colleen Travers Doctors share what you need to know about contraception and getting pregnant in the future.

Administration of Vitamin K to Newborns - from Ronnie Falcão's Midwife Archives

Oral Contraceptive Controversy NOTE: Previous papers are outdated and new ones are in process. The American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists is frequently approached by individuals wondering if the Association has a position on the sometimes-alleged .

Abortions were also readily included in the universe of Civil War era birth control. Though the practice was never without controversy, abortion was legal in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries until the moment of “quickening,” when the pregnant woman could feel fetal movement.

Birth control controversy

This Horoscope (displayed 4th July pm) for the USA was first proposed by Ebenezer Sibly. It is controversial as there are many proposed times, contending dates and even years for the founding of the United States of America.

No controversy: 5 fantastic arguments for better birth control access: Bedsider