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So this " text rant" or what you call it comes from a noob fan though i've been a kpop fan for almost 5 years now and by that i mean that i've never actually met or seen any of my idols in real life, a.

Now, i understand that fans gather at the airports to "welcome" their idols but don't you also think this is getting a little bit overboard? I mean, it's okay if you go there and just look from a distance and maybe take a photo or two with your phone and then get out of there.

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As mentioned in the article, their idols privacy is getting invaded. But i mean shoving gifts in their face and touching their hands, arms, face, etc. How would you feel if you were walking somewhere and some random stranger started touching you and shoving their 5 dollar burger in your face?

Ears can get hurt from all the screaming, eyes could get hurt from all the flashes of the cameras, and most commonly legs and arms from the pushing and trying to get through the crowd.

They had no one except their managers. They had to walk through the crowds without anyone to protect them, anything could have happened. Luhan got grabbed by a fan and all the fans were touching him. All the other members were already on the escalator but Luhan was out of sight for them.

After he with force shook some fans away he got onto the escalator, though there were still fans surrounding him. There were also other similiar stories in the article like: If Baekhyun EXO-K hadn't grabbed Luhan he would have "drowned" in the crowd of fans and situations might have gotten seriously bad.

For me it feels now like YG is the most organized. Though not completely safe but at least better. The artists don't go to a airport to have a fan meeting, they go there to get to their next schedule. Their lives are already hard enough because of the sasaeng fans so why make it worse?

Many of you might say: They know they are gonna have a lot of fans all the time but it gets worse all the time! This is their dream and passion, to be a singer, you shouldn't make it hard for them!

I don't want to offend anyone, this is just my opinion. But still i'm really pissed off at those fangirls that hurt Luhannie and Seobie. Please give them at least a little space to them and they will be much happier and more hardworking!

They will probably appreciate you even more if you do that.Kpop Idols Jpop Cpop Discussions. Some Kpop groups interesting from my point of view. Translation for 'forever' in the free English-Korean dictionary and many other Korean translations.

i decided to save it on my laptop and now i got thousands of kpop files in my laptop!! You may save it too and you guys may pass this pictures around!!

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