Offshore business process outsourcing to india two australian sme case studies

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Offshore business process outsourcing to india two australian sme case studies

First Impressions It is almost impossible to describe India in words alone. The nation is so large and enjoys such a rich and diverse mixture of language, culture, climate and history that it would confound even the most dedicated author.

It is in many ways the most paradoxical nation on earth for it offers glorious riches juxtaposed with the desperation of extreme poverty.

The Lonely Planet guide to Delhi does make an attempt to describe why it is worth persevering through your first experience of India: You'll most likely notice the pollution, the crowds, the smell, the noise and the ceaseless hassles long before you notice the city's charms.

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But it's worth persevering: Indian mathematicians gave the world the concept of the zero. Indian artists produce more films each year in Bollywood than Hollywood. India and China combined make up more than a third of all the people on the planet.

The quality of the Indian knowledge based industry is leading the world into an outsourcing revolution that is no less important than the invention of the steamship or railway.

However any first-time visitor to India will be shocked by the images of poverty and deprivation. Landlords often avoid general maintenance and so buildings are untended and dirty. I have witnessed elevator users pray before their ascent as live wires hang loose from the floor buttons. Entire shanty towns are constructed from plastic sheeting and corrugated iron within sight of modern technology parks and gleaming offices.

The number of beggars on the street desperately seeking a few rupees is shameful. The beggars are often children or utilise children in a Dickensian ruse for increased profit.

Foreign visitors will feel extreme discomfort as a young baby is pressed into the window of their stationary taxi or a small child tugs at a moving trouser leg. Foreigners are a target for many of the beggars because they often retain the concept of monetary value they use back at home and are also less desensitised to the plight of the poor.

First Impressions The grinding poverty is in part maintained by the low level of literacy in India. The total literacy rate returned in the census was However, the population of India is so large that even with such a low level of average literacy, the nation still produces over two million college graduates every year.

This issue is being targeted by the government and a large contingency of NGOs who focus on specific literacy projects.

Offshore business process outsourcing to india two australian sme case studies

As India leads the way into the outsourcing revolution through its expertise in offshore processes the question of general literacy is one of the most important domestic political priorities.

India and the world are poised on the cusp of a revolution.

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We have been here before though. The English of the late Eighteenth century witnessed immense social upheaval as the steam engine and cotton gin revolutionised textile production.

Offshore business process outsourcing to india two australian sme case studies

This dawn of capitalism was subsequently enhanced through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries by the railways, steamships, steel production, widespread electricity, automobiles and then information technology.

Now the knowledge and information revolution is being led by India. The nation has a population in excess of one billion people with millions of educated English speakers entering the workforce each year.

If California was the location for the s dot com Zeitgeist then India is the present location.Table Australian Year Perspective for Business Process Outsourcing by End-Use Sector Percentage Breakdown of Spending for Manufacturing, Telecommunications & Technology, Banking, Insurance & Finance Services, Retail, and Other Markets for Years , and (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)Price: € Call Center Offshore Outsourcing - A Case Study Flatworld transformed the sales process for a global software and services company based in the US.

They were looking at expanding their India operations and Flatworld bagged the contract and delivered lucrative call center offshore outsourcing services.

Offshore outsourcing is one of the most sustained management strategies of the 21st century, and researchers are paying attention to this contemporary, yet complex and controversial phenomenon. This of course, depends on selecting the right business process outsourcing (BPO) provider.

According to Business 2 Community, here are the best practices that you should seek when looking for a good BPO company. Business process outsourcing, or BPO, is a business practice in which one organization hires another company to perform a task (i.e., process) that the hiring organization requires for its own business to successfully operate.

India leads the world in offshore Business Process Outsourcing and IT outsourcing. India company registration is an ideal investment option for investors who want to take advantage of India s large consumer demand and labor supply.

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