Omagh bomb barbarity mutable forensic evidence

He was a Heartfelt Democrat! Our family was all about Politics and always spoke of how positive the Democratic Party was. Papa had a saying: But they must be received by a certain date.

Omagh bomb barbarity mutable forensic evidence

I am an American citizen of good legal standing. Up until recently, I was pursuing a career in fincancial services, providing insurance, mutual funds, mortgage refinancing, and notarial services.

The IRA History e-Book by Vincent McKenna MSc

Five events changed my life focus: The "election;" the invasion of Iraq; the events of September 11, ; the passage of the Patriot Act; and the atrocities committed at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and the ongoing crimes against humanity in Iraq. As an American citizen, I have long believed in the great principles upon which this nation was founded as embodied in the U.

As a Notary Public, I had taken an oath, not only to refrain from participating in the armed overthrow of the United States government, but to uphold the Constitution of the United States and to defend the Constitution "against all enemies.

In attempting to expand my knowledge on each of these "discoveries," I visited the bookstore and the public library. As I had done as a student at Columbia, I began to "immerse myself in the books" once more. Today, inAmerica is not a democracy. It is a sham and a disgrace to the world and to the people of the United States where human life has no intrinsic value whatsoever.

In the eyes of many people around the world, the United States has become "the evil empire. I am willing to grant that our government is run by human beings, and "human beings make mistakes," but none of these five events were "mistakes.

The election was rigged and fraudulently carried out, as was the election. Senators and Congressmen are unaware of this. The abuses and torture as well as murders at Abu Ghraib were intentional and officially sanctioned at the highest levels of the United States government by sick and twisted criminals in the White House and at the highest levels of the United States military.

Once again, these are not "mistakes. The invasion annd occupation has created a humanitarian crisis. As of JulyOxfam International reported that eight million Iraqis were in need of emergency aid. You can also look this up on the internet.

In August, an outbreak of Cholera was discovered in northern Iraq. This could lead to a worldwide epidemic and can be viewed as biological warfare. Thirteen million Iraqis do not have adequate drinking waterand are thus at serious risk of death.

This also is a direct and intended result of the U.A daily newspaper based in London, England.

Omagh bomb barbarity mutable forensic evidence

Stories cover current events, culture, sports, and entertainment of local, national, and international significance. Aftermath of the Omagh bomb attack. Photograph: PA The trial of a man accused of killing 29 people in the Omagh bombing began in Belfast crown court today. A thorny issue, but the crux surely has to be freedom of speech?

Germany has laws whereby somebody, not even a German, can be locked up for speaking their mind, simply asking a question out loud in public. *Note to astrologer-types, earlier I mentioned the 4th leg completing the 4th element when I should have said the 4th mode (as in 4 cardinal signs, 4 mutable signs, 4 .

The claim that the evidence of such a massive crime could be entirely erased is even more incredible than the tale of the alleged crime itself. And, the ADL is only one of a . Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

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