Strategic report of square pharma

SQUARE, with its progressive business outlook, believes and practices corporate work culture with a classic blend of efficiency and equity. SQUARE believes in company growth by increasing efficiency level of employees and for that offering excellent environment and support for skill and knowledge upgradation.

Strategic report of square pharma

They are not only doing their business in our country. They also do export their medicines in some African countries. Though they are very much stable in their position, but, they have to face some barriers to set goals.

Our culture of politics is totally polluted by different occurrence. Professionalism towards money makes our politics dark. So, it is one of the major barriers for the business organization.

Because, globalization is going to be happened very fast. But, we have to have the proper idea about the availability of resource. Those resources have to be deployed properly. But, most of the time the resources are not proportionate with the plan done by the organization.

Strategic report of square pharma

Ultimately, they found themselves in vain. Because, when an organization does plan then they usually do it for years. So, when they see that new competitors are coming in this business then they need to change their strategy which may have an effect on their planning.

So, organization should make its employees to work for them and let them know the mission of their organization. But, after setting the goals usually they mat have not any negotiation with the other employees. But, they should always do this for the betterment of the organization and through this good relation they can motivate their employees.

They need to depend on the time and environment. They basically do plan for years and can be more then that. By a very limited survey, we got to know that they a problem with the employee which is employee turnover. They are facing this problem for quite a long time.

They have got any big success in this field. They have a little problem with their distribution in the urban area. In the urban area they need a bit more time to supply their drugs.

In the domestic region, they can make their current position more strong by offering more value to their customer. We have a vast population and we are always suffering from different types of diseases every time and all over the country. They can produce international standard drugs through their new plant they established few months ago.

But, after all of this qualities or leadership of this company, there are some problems of square besides the qualities. But, there have some ways to elimination. Square is the market leader is in the pharmaceuticals industries.

They are such a company which always does try to cope up with the dynamic and complex global environment. They have the greater market share in pharmaceuticals industries now. They have achieved it by delivering the quality drugs and good retailer service especially in the urban area. They usually use the push strategy to makes their products available for their consumer.Square Pharmaceuticals is one of the best pharmaceutical companies of Bangladesh.

Origin of the report In order to fulfill the partial requirement of the BBA program, my respected teacher Liza Khanam, lecturer Department of Business Administration, University of NUB assigned me to study Business level strategy of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. As the report is not a comprehensive one, rather based on a single facility of Square Pharmaceuticals Limited and also based on a limited number of department employees so any ultimate decision may not be drawn about the whole organizations training facility.

SQUARE Pharmaceuticals Limited (SPL) is the largest pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh and is leading the Pharmaceuticals sector from the very beginning.

It has been continuously in the 1st position among all national and multinational companies since Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd., the flagship company, is holding the strong leadership position in the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh since and it has been continuously in the 1st position among all national and multinational companies since Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

is now on its way to becoming a high performance global player.

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Strategic report of square pharma

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