The advantage of the use of mobile applications in growing business and organizations

Email this Article Print This Article Not so long ago, mobile apps were a reserve of large corporations and businesses.

The advantage of the use of mobile applications in growing business and organizations

In and outside the workplace, mobile technology exists at the intersection of information, communication, and convenience. In fact, a Pew research study found that 64 percent of American adults now own a smartphone.

How a mobile app can improve workplace communication

By leveraging the right mobile platform, organizations can easily share important information and connect employees, administrators and management.

With solutions like Kurogo Mobile Campusit is now easier than ever for non-technical staff, such as HR and Communications, to create a mobile app for their organization without involving IT. Read on to learn how some organizations are leveraging mobile apps to improve workplace communication and productivity.

Modules can also be added in real-time for special events or programslike a corporate conference, employee orientation, or benefits enrollment. Some organizations use mobile apps to collect feedback and suggestions from employees or for employees to take surveys.

One of the most important benefits of a mobile app is the ability to send push notifications to make important announcements. Company-wide or user-specific push notifications or in-app alerts ensure employees are always aware of the latest updates.

Building and facility features Companies with large campuses or many buildings and floors are now using features within their mobile apps to make navigating, resource booking, and facility feedback quick and easy.

Campus maps with pathfinding features help employees on large, multi-building campuses get from place to place, while indoor maps help employees navigate within buildings themselves — getting them to the proper conference room, the kitchen, restrooms or elsewhere.

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Facilities modules allow staff to quickly report any building or equipment issues on the spot and even attach a photo. Mobile apps can help you find what you need in the office.

A business development executive in Chicago requires a different mobile experience than a hiring manager in New York City. Yet local managers can also update and personalize features for their specific campus. Mobile apps are an increasingly important tool for organizations to ensure that they are meeting the rapidly evolving needs of their workforce.

The ability to provide real-time information on any number of important workplace activities can transform the way communication takes place. Only a few years ago, mobile app development was a time consuming and expensive proposition.Google released research findings on the use of mobile apps in The research involved travel, health, fashion, restaurants, home, garden and automotive.

It stated that three in 10 customers started a purchase path from a mobile app. These statistics emphasize why you need to go mobile.

Do not limit your presence to a responsive website. Our business doesn’t need a mobile app to sell products to our loyal customers! Starbucks uses their mobile app to their advantage by offering rewards exclusively to app subscribers, which then motivates customers to buy coffee (And other delicious snacks) from them.

They’re even more ahead of the curve by allowing their users to pay.

Increase productivity and profitability with mobile technology

Mobile applications such as Drift, a live chatbot used by businesses to convert website users to customers and My AdultDayCare, a healthcare industry platform used by day care organizations for better operations and care are some of the few examples of business applications designed to provide IT solutions to day-today problems.

Many organizations use cellphones and smartphones as regular tools of business, and these devices can offer a number of advantages for savvy users. the use of mobile communication devices can.

There’s no doubt that mobile use is going to continue to rise, and the following five reasons are just some of the advantages as to why mobile commerce is the right approach for your business.

The advantage of the use of mobile applications in growing business and organizations

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