The disney world adventure

OLPTammy 3 Comments Inthe Walt Disney Company purchased Marvel Entertainment, thereby creating another whole level of entertainment possibilities for both Disney fans and best products comic book fans! Watch out villains and tough guys!

The disney world adventure

Inwhen George M. I know being on my own at an early age In fact, the pre-war U. Army was composed of a scattered handful of small regiments and the state-controlled National Guard militia. Pershing was given command of the American Expeditionary Force to fight overseas.

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He even had written to the principal Mr. The war bug, however, had also taken hold of Walt.

The disney world adventure

Two of his older brothers were already in the armed forces; Ray had been drafted in the Army, and Roy was an enlistee in the Navy. First, he tried to sign up for the Navy, but was turned down due to his age. Next, he and his friend Russell Maas attempted the Canadian armed forces, except Russell was rejected for his poor eyesight.

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Not wanting to go without each other, Walt and Russell concocted yet another plan: On September 16,he enlisted. Walt thought of the whole business not as war but as adventure. Moved home to recuperate, his mother, although ill herself, nursed Walt and his sister Ruth through the fever and delirium.

When he was well, Walt learned his ambulance unit - and his friend Russell - had already shipped out to France. The realities of this adventure quickly became apparent, however, as they were herded onto a train bound for St.

Cyr, near Versailles, outside Paris, where they found the food was inedible, the nights freezing, and the chateau unheated. Walt wrapped himself in newspapers and blankets for warmth. He shimmied up a tree to catch a glimpse of President Woodrow Wilson in Paris, and played poker and chauffeured Army bigwigs around town.

Later moved to Neuilly, just outside Paris, then to the charming village of Neufchateau in the rolling countryside, he encountered quaint shops and cobblestone streets, filing these images away in his mind.

Walt actually had little contact with the ill and injured, instead becoming, as he was for the rest of his life, an accomplished tour guide much in demand by visiting officials.

The disney world adventure

He also befriended the proprietress of the canteen at Neufchateau, Alice Howell, who became a surrogate mother to him and a life-long friend. Walt never forgot her special kindness to him.

When Walt was not driving, he did what he had always done - draw -sketches for the canteen menu, designs on the canvas ambulance flaps, and caricatures for his friends to send to girlfriends and families for a small fee! He also sent funny and poignant letters with sketches to The McKinley Voice, his high school newspaper.

I want to go home to my Mama! By this time, Ray and Roy had returned to Kansas City, and by Augustloneliness trumped adventure, and Walt put in for a discharge. While awaiting transport home, Walt ran into his old friend Russell Maas in Paris. The two teenagers decided that upon return to the states, they would build a raft and float down the Mississippi like Huckleberry Finn.

Russell shipped out for home, but a dock strike in Marseille kept Walt behind for twenty-three days. Ever the resourceful lad, he killed time by taking the streetcar from Nice to Monte Carlo each day, finally sailing out on the SS Canada.

Even this voyage was fraught with difficulties, including insufficient fuel, and a savage ocean storm. Finding Russell had abandoned the river raft trip in favor of a girl, and that his dog, sent home with Russell, had died, Walt decided to set his own course, and pursue work as an artist, in particular as a newspaper cartoonist.

But Walt was determined - he had returned from France transformed from boy to man. He had left Chicago a spindly and baby-faced youth, five feet eight inches tall only to return at pounds, broad shouldered and strong from the manual work.

Though on occasion he was still a prankster - particularly to his mother - Walt had matured emotionally into a man of self-reliance and independence. Thomas will enter college in the fall of majoring in history and minoring in film studies and museum studies.Use at participating locations throughout Walt Disney World® Resort Theme Parks, Disney Springs®, Walt Disney World® Water Parks, and Walt Disney World® toward admission tickets, annual passes, hotel rooms, spa experiences, merchandise, dining, and recreation.

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Save % with Florida Resident Fall. The American Adventure at Walt Disney World's Epcot is located in the World Showcase in the United States Pavilion. The American Adventure at Walt Disney World's Epcot is located in the World Showcase in the United States Pavilion.

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