Thoughts on customer service abilities by an iranian american person

Not even at Batman standards, just below Punisher. The character in my book only survives because he has enough willpower to fuel a car.

Thoughts on customer service abilities by an iranian american person

I would like this forwarded to the Hutchinson,KS office, attn: Coleen if you would be so kind. I remain your loyal employee! David Gaetke dg Kathy Mason September 23, at 8: Its wrong to charge 2 different prices for something and NOT offer the same price to all customers within a 10 day period with proof of purchase.

Don September 21, at Dealing with my local Kroger located on Victory Blvd. I frequent this store once a week at a minimum. The store is dirty, center aisles shelves are out of stock often, sale items often NIS and free Friday merchandise are hit and miss at best.

Today I asked a Kroger associate about trying to stock a specific product not currently carried at that store. I was told it was impossible to bring an item in if the UPC is not currently on the shelves.

There are many other items on the shelve under this product name just not item specifically I was inquiring about. Terri James September 18, at 2: They did not have any, I went back several times that week with no luck.

They gave me a rain check and told me I could get as many as I wanted, well today I used the rain check, but they would only allow me 4 packs. This is very disgustingthe lady that gave me the rain check said I would be able to get as many as I wanted, no they would only let me have 4, this is very poor business.

This happens so much at that store. I do have my receipt from where I bought the 4 today. I recently moved to Crosby and planned to use Kroger as our go to store, until I went in.

It felt like an insult how gross and old the store is. Shelves are rusted, stained, broke! I have plenty of pictures. Jacqueline DeWolf September 8, at 5: When I checked out I swiped my debit card and 5 minutes later it was still processing.

Then it froze so the cashier said to swipe again. They said I had to call customer service they could not do it at the store. So I called and was on hold for 35 minutes. I explained my situation and she was very rude and abrupt and said well if it is on your statement you need to go to your bank.

So I went to Redmond Chase and no banker so we drove 40 minutes to Bend Oregon and explained my situation. Mike Powell was very knowledgeable and helpful. I should not have to waste all my time to get reimbursed! Fred Meyers system is a mess. Carla Wallace August 27, at 1: Read the reviews before you should here!

UN Adopts “Education” Plan to Indoctrinate Children in Globalism

Used to be one of my favorite stores. No one ever calls you back! It gets down to the almighty dollar, screw customer service and make an extra buck! HEB is opening up down the street and I cannot wait! Very Upset August 15, at 1: She shares with me everyday the people who come in and what medications they are on.

I know most of the names of Aids patients, the jeweler who gets massive amounts of Viagra, the child who had to be put on anti-depressants and so on and so forth. She even uses their data base to obtain phone numbers and address for her own harassment fun.Profile of Iranian-Americans and list of Organizations.

Studying Iranian Relationships (Survey) Iranian-American Profile Fact-sheet on the Iranian-American Community (ISG MIT). Retired Master Sergeant CHANGIZ LAHIDJI is a highly decorated member of the US Special Forces with over 24 years of active service.

He’s participated in many top-secret missions in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. The Free Congress Commentary By William S.

Lind. On War # November 26, In the Fox’s Lair. William S. Lind. One reason parts of Iraq have quieted down, at least for a while, has received widespread attention: the Sunni split from al-Qaeda.

The Skills You Need to be Promoted at Work. Working in a professional environment requires you to put in hard work and deliver quantity or quality, or even both.

The Hollywood Reporter is your source for breaking news about Hollywood and entertainment, including movies, TV, reviews and industry blogs. With a sermon title like this, you’d think it was Valentine’s Day! But that’s still a couple of weeks off. Or, maybe you think I’m going to talk about an old “Huey Lewis and the News” song from the s.

Thoughts on customer service abilities by an iranian american person
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