Why is middleware hard to write and test

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Why is middleware hard to write and test

Xavi Rigau I do Android and other things Novoda Redux is a unidirectional data flow architecture that makes it easy to develop, maintain and test applications. In this post I'll explain how you can start writing mobile apps with Flutter using the Redux architecture.

It was only last month that Google announced Flutter graduated to the beta stage and yet since then the interest for this framework has grown very rapidly. Flutter is a really interesting piece of technology that can prove very useful in many situations both for indie developers as well as software companies.

It is currently being used by Google which makes for a promising future. Flutter allows for very quick iterations, it's developer-friendly and it's multi-platform. Widgets can either be a StatelessWidget or a StatefulWidget: Flutter StatelessWidget StatelessWidget is a very simple Widget that doesn't have any mutable state, therefore it needs to be recreated with different parameters in order to display different data.

An example of a StatelessWidget could be a row in a to-do list: Changing the to-do text, or the done flag, requires you to create another StatelessWidget. In this case the Widget gets recreated every time the state is mutated, therefore reflecting the state change in its Widget tree.

The StatefulWidget has to create State objects that will hold the mutable state, in addition to creating the Widget tree that StatelessWidgets also have.

An example of a StatefulWidget would be the container for the to-do list items: This ToDoState is where the list of to-dos would live and where we'd create the Widget tree i. Once there's a user action when a to-do gets added, removed, etc. This makes for a nice separation of things that change vs.

But it also has its downsides: When there's state that has to be shared in multiple pages, it needs to sit in the app Widget and then it has to be passed down to each screen's Widget tree, requiring boilerplate code.

Multiple Widgets become tightly coupled when there's a user action that has to modify the shared state because the actions have to be communicated up in the Widget tree. To counteract and avoid some of these downsides, we can turn to Redux.

why is middleware hard to write and test

Redux Redux is an architecture with a unidirectional data flow that makes it easy to develop applications that are easy to test and maintain.

In Redux there's a Store which holds a State object that represents the state of the whole application. Every application event either from the user or external is represented as an Action that gets dispatched to a Reducer function. This Reducer updates the Store with a new State depending on what Action it receives.

And whenever a new State is pushed through the Store the View is recreated to reflect the changes. With Redux most components are decoupled, making UI changes very easy to make.

In addition, the only business logic sits in the Reducer functions.Explain why middleware can be difficult to write and test.

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